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2015 is a key year in the over-all deepening of China’s reform, and also the scheming year for the 13th five- year plan. Premier Li Keqiang emphasized in the 2015 report on the work of the government that “we should promote urban planning and construction”. With the launch of 2014-2015 Planning of National New-type Urbanization and the plan of “One Belt and One Road”, as well as the furthering of the construction of “Pilot Smart City”, China is now in its high time for a promising development of urban planning and construction.


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The annual “Conference on Urban Development and Planning”(CUDP) was first hosted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China in 2006. With great supports from governments and organizations at home and abroad, CUDP has now ranked one of the most influential events in relevant industries of China with ever increasing scale and impact each year, and seen more than 12000 participants in total, including officials, experts, scholars and insiders of governments, organizations and companies from dozens of countries, such as China, UK, US, Germany, Denmark, France, Canada, Korea, Japan, Singapore etc.

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