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Established in January 1984, China Society for Urban Studies(CSUS) is a national, non-profit and academic organization formed freely by urban researchers, scholars, practitioners, and by a wide range of governmental agencies in social, economic, cultural, environmental, planning, construction, and management fields, as well as by research and educational institutions and enterprises. It is a legally registered corporation and plays an important role in facilitating and advancing China's urban research programs

CSUS is honored with two honorary presidents: Mr. Wan Li, the former chairman of National People's Congress, and Mr. Li Rui Huan, the former chairman of National Political Consultant Committee. The current president of CSUS is Dr. Qiu Bao Xin, the vice minister of China Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development. Secretariat, the central office of CSUS, consists of General Affairs Division, Organization Development Division, Academic Division, Consultation Division, Editorial Division and County-Township Division. Currently, CSUS has 7 specialty committees and 6 research centers. In addition, there are about 100 local sub-societies at provincial and municipal levels throughout the country, with a total of more than 500 organizational members and 16000 individual members.

The purpose of CSUS is to meet the needs for China's healthy urbanization and sustainable urban development, to organize and lead its members toward comprehensive research on fundamental rules of urban development, important theoretical and practical issues in social and economic development, culture, environment, urban planning, construction and management, It also exists to stimulate and advance research on urban scientific theories, promote their applications, help urban research professionals to grow and progress, and advocate for integrated social, economic and environmental development

In its daily activities, CSUS conforms to the national constitution, laws, regulations and policies, complies with the social morals and professional ethics, insists on integrating theory and practice, acts on academic democracy, respects for knowledge and talents, advocates for spirit of dedication, innovation, rationality and cooperation. CSUS maintains the principles of independence and democracy in its organizational development, and the policy of encouraging free expression and debate. CSUS is associated with China Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, and receives guidance from and is overseen by its operational authority, the China Science Association, and by Ministry of Civil Affairs, the authority in charge of corporation registrations. The Society will further enhance its roles in facilitating and coordinating academic and professional efforts, and encourage participation of all academic institutions and professional organizations, in its research activities. Our goal is to establish an effective working mechanism being phrased as ¡°Academic Coordination, professional Participation, All-level Interaction, Global Communication, Knowledge and Action Integration (CPICI)

The main tasks of CSUS are as follows: 1.Focusing on urban development process as well as important theory and practice issues in urban economic, social, cultural, environmental, planning and development management, we will develop academic researches,organize exchange activities, develop policy proposals and layout scientific basis for government decision-making process. 2. To receive commissions from governmental agencies and other organizations for consultation services, program evaluations, project evaluations, technology assessments; to participate in and undertake formulation of technical standards, evaluation and certification of professional qualifications. 3. To host academic activities such as lectures, seminars and training courses on urban studies, introduce new developments and trends in domestic urban researches and abroad, and promote application of good new findings. 4. To increase friendly communication with related academic organizations and individual experts from other counties and regions, develop international and regional academic exchange and collaboration. 5. To carry out evaluations and assessments of urban studies, praise and award outstanding researchers, find and recommend outstanding young and talented professionals. 6. To set up non-profit sub-entities that is compatible with CSUS' purposes. 7. To publish Urban Development Studies magazine and constantly improve its quality to make it a nationwide first class academic journal; To publish thesis series, informational and technical books on a non-regular base. 8. To provide guidance to local societies of urban studies nationwide, and bring them into play their roles in urban academic researches. 9. To receive works entrusted or given by China Science Association, Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development and Ministry of Civil Affairs. 10. To organize various voluntary activities in public interest that conforms with CSUS' purposes.